EU cracks down on AI

EU cracks down on AI to foster ethical use of the technology

In a new move, the European Union [EU] has created a framework for the use of artificial intelligence [AI] to achieve “trustworthy” AI. EU, on Monday, released a set of guidelines that will help maintain ethics in AI.

“The ethical dimension of AI is not a luxury feature or an add-on,” said Andrus Ansip, EU vice-president for the digital single market. “It is only with trust that our society can fully benefit from technologies,” he added.

The guidelines released on Monday by the European Commission, an arm of the European Union, establishes seven important requirements for ethical use of the technology. The requirements include maintaining human oversight of the technology, making procedures traceable and putting mechanisms in place to hold systems accountable.

“EU citizens should have full control over their data, and data concerning them “will not be used to harm or discriminate against them,” said one of the requirements.

AI has the potential to replace human beings with robots. It has the power to do human tasks, take intelligent decisions which implies that human jobs can be eliminated as the technology reaches its full potential.

“AI can bring major benefits to our societies, from helping diagnose and cure cancers to reducing energy consumption. But for people to accept and use AI-based systems, they need to trust them, know that their privacy is respected, that decisions are not biased,” viewed Ansip.

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EU cracks down on AI to foster ethical use of the technology
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