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Australian Space Agency enters into strategic partnership with Boeing and Lockheed Martin

In a strategic move, the Australian Space Agency has signed a strategic partnership with global giant Boeing in a bid to facilitate the growth of the nation’s space industry and program, according to a report by ZDNet.

As per the report, Australia plans to nearly triple its space market segment from AU$3.9 billion to AU$12 billion and also increase the space industry workforce from 10,000 to 20,000 which will be a big step forward for the agency. It is also a big boost for Boeing which is still feeling the heat of the 737 Max debacle. Its legal troubles grew on Tuesday as a new lawsuit accused the company of defrauding shareholders by not revealing the safety deficiencies in its 737 MAX planes before two fatal crashes led to their worldwide grounding.

In this context, this latest partnership with the Australian Space Agency seems to be a timely move that would provide some relief for the beleaguered company.

Speaking about the strategic partnership, head of the Australian Space Agency Dr Megan Clark said, “This Statement of Strategic Intent highlights Boeing’s existing collaboration with CSIRO, universities, and industry in broad areas such as space debris monitoring, advanced manufacturing and fuel production in space, on-orbit imaging, VR, and remote spacecraft operation.”

After much deliberation, the Australian Space Agency has decided to call South Australia home and as of now the agency has forged relationships with France, Canada, the United Kingdom, the UAE, and discussions are also going on with the United States and the European Space Agency. The agency has also signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation with Lockheed Martin Australia.

The agreement with Boeing and Lockheed Martin demonstrates Australian Space Agency’s determination to transform the Australian space industry and change its face in the next ten years.

Source: ZDNet  

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Australian Space Agency enters into strategic partnership with Boeing and Lockheed Martin
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