DHL joins hands with MallforAfrica to tap into African e-commerce market

In what seems to be a strategic move, world’s logistics masters, DHL is all set to launch DHL Africa eShop for global retailers to sell goods to the growing African markets. The platform will go live today and it brings together nearly 200 U.S. and UK retailers online in 11 eleven African markets, according to a report by TechCrunch.

The report goes on to add that DHL Africa eShop will operate using’s white label service, Link Commerce and will use local payment options such as Nigeria’s Paga and Kenya’s M-Pesa.

The e-commerce space in Africa is going through a period of uncertainty with its own shares of ups and downs. While some of the online startups have succeeded, others have failed to take off leaving a trail of mixed fortunes for the companies.

It is important to note here that DHL Africa eShop has the advantage of the logistics giant’s existing delivery structure in the continent and this will help them to deliver the goods to the doorsteps across the continent.

DHL’s partner in the new app, MallforAfrica (MFA) has also collaborated with a number of big names such as Macy’s and Best Buy. Since its inception in 2011, MFA has come a long way in its endeavour to solve problems faced by consumer goods companies when they enter Africa.

DHL’s collaboration with MFL dates back to 2015 and in 2018 the two joined hands to launch, a site for African artisans that allowed them to sell their goods in any of the 220 countries where DHL had a presence.

Speaking about the collaboration, MallforAfrica CEO Chris Folayan said, “That’s what our service does. It takes care of that whole ecosystem to enable global e-commerce to exist, no matter what country you’re in.”

DHL Express CEO for Sub-Saharan Africa referred to the DHL Africa eShop app as something that “provides convenience, speed, and access to connect African consumers with exciting brands.”

E-commerce ventures in Africa are on an upward slope and according to a report by McKinsey & Company, consumer spending on the continent to reach $2.1 trillion by 2025. It remains to be seen how DHL’s new Africa eShop will change the face of online sales landscape, but if signs are to be believed the future seems bright for the continent as well as DHL.

Source: TechCrunch 

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DHL joins hands with MallforAfrica to tap into African e-commerce market
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