Google replaces G+ with Currents as it plans to take enterprise world by storm

Google+ is now a relic of the past and it remains as a remnant of what was once Google’s attempt to challenge Facebook and Twitter’s dominance in the social media arena. There’s no denying the fact that Google+ was a flop and the company is now planning to offer the users of its G Suite a new version called the ‘Currents’. The company says that Currents has a new look and feel as compared to Google+ and will usher in a new era for G Suite. The news was made public by David Thacker, the VP of Product Management for G Suite, at Google’s Cloud Next conference.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Thacker said that Google has shifted its resources to have the former Google+ team focus on Currents instead. The name Currents has been taken from the predecessor of Google Play Newsstand, which was later renamed to Google News. The company believes that the name Currents is meant to evoke the flow of information and since Google+ is now a thing of the past, changing the name makes sense anyway.

“The enterprise version is distinct and separate now and it was causing confusion among our customers,” added Thacker.  “To run a consumer social network at the scale of consumer G+ requires a lot of resources and efforts, as you can imagine. And that’s partially the reason we decided to sunset that product, as we just didn’t feel it was worth that investment, given the user base on that. But it basically frees up that team to focus on the enterprise vision,” he added.

The company is now planning to move the resources to the enterprise and with G+ gone the company is planning to invest in Currents. The main aim of the company is to make Currents useful for business users. “If you look at our top G Suite customers, most of them use the product actively as a way to connect really broad organizations,” Thacker noted.

The team is planning to launch a number of features which would include better analytics and speaking about analytics, Thacker said:

“When people are posting on Currents, whether it’s executives trying to engage their employee base, they want to see how that’s resonating. And so we built in some pretty rich analytics.”

Source: TechCrunch 

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Google replaces G+ with Currents as it plans to take enterprise world by storm
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