Huawei won’t be excluded from Germany’s future 5G network

Germany has said that they would not exclude Huawei from the development of its 5G network. The president of the Bundesnetzagentur, Jochen Homann, the country’s telecommunications regulator, said that they don’t plan to specifically exclude any telecom companies including Huawei.

Homman said that telecommunication companies will only be banned if they pose security risks. He added that if the companies meet security requirements they can participate in building 5G network in the country.

The move follows a potential no-spy deal ideated by Arne Schönbohm, head of the BSI, the German federal cybersecurity agency. The no-spy deal will be brokered with China in an attempt to address the security concerns revolving around Huawei.

Huawei was dragged into allegations of spying when the U.S. intelligence authorities accused the tech giant of having ties to the Chinese government. They said that the Chinese company’s equipment could be used as spying devices which can be used to steal data from different countries.

Huawei has repeatedly denied these accusations.

The U.S. has banned all its federal offices from using Huawei equipment. It has called on other countries to follow their suit as well. However, the company seems to be on the winning side as countries including the EU have increased their security measures rather than shutting out the company from the 5G development.

Huawei’s highly advanced technology is said to be one of the best in the telecommunications arena. Many are of the opinion that the Huawei equipment will play a crucial role in the development of 5G networks.

A political drama has unleashed as an aftermath of the spying accusations by the U.S. against Huawei. After the ban on their products in the U.S., the tech giant with the backing of the Chinese government launched a lawsuit against the U.S. government calling the ban unconstitutional.

To make matters worse, the CFO and the daughter of the Huawei CEO, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada at the request of U.S. over the charges of breaching Iran sanctions.

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Huawei won’t be excluded from Germany’s future 5G network
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