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New rootkit-enabled malware ‘Scranos’ which steals users’ passwords and other information discovered

The world of malware or malicious software is getting more and more potent with each passing day and security breaches have become the order of the day.  In yet another case of malware attack, researchers have found out a new unusual malware, ‘Scranos’ which steals user passwords and account payment methods stored in the victim’s browser and it also pushes up YouTube subscribers and revenue, according to a report by TechCrunch.

The malware which has been dubbed as ‘Scranos’ was first identified in the month of November last year and since then its reach has spread and the number of infections has skyrocketed making it a ‘real and present danger’.  The most important feature of this malware is its rootkit driver that is hidden inside the app and takes full control of the system in the early stages of infection and the unsuspecting victims have no clue about what is happening.

According to Bogdan Botezatu, director of threat research and reporting at Bitdefender, “The motivation is strictly commercial. They seem to be interested in spreading the botnet to consolidate the business by infecting as many devices as possible to perform advertising abuse and to use it as a distribution platform for third-party malware.”

According to Bitdefender, the malware spreads through trojanized downloads that masquerade as real apps. The rogue apps are digitally signed to protect it from getting blocked by the computer.

Although the antivirus firm, Bitdefender describes Scranos as work in progress, it is still very potent with many components in the early stages of development. The malware also has the capability to target Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and Airbnb accounts, gathering data to send back to the malware operator.

Other malicious components allow the malware to steal form Steam accounts, run rogue Chrome extensions, and collect and upload a user’s browsing history.

Source: TechCrunch

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New rootkit-enabled malware ‘Scranos’ which steals users’ passwords and other information discovered
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